Opportunity Wheel Animation

This was an animation piece created for The Greenlining Institute. I worked for this non-profit from 2006-2010, and after my departure they contracted me to put together this animation for their annual Economic Summit.

The idea of the graphic was that it was meant to complement a speech given by the Executive Director of the organization. Working with my old manager, we came up with the idea of a pie with each piece focused on a different topic. This pie became the basis of what came to be known as the opportunity wheel.

My job in this case was to design and animate a piece that transitioned from the organization’s logo to the wheel, focus on each piece of the wheel, call attention to the concept of the opportunity wheel, and then bring it back full circle to the logo. I created the assets in Photoshop and brought them into After Effects for animation. The animation video was then split into segmented video files, which I worked into a custom Keynote presentation for seamless playing (and pausing where needed) as the slides progressed.

The first iteration of this was completed for the 2011 event. Since then, I’ve modified and revised the animation a few times for other Economic Summits to match the specific branding and needs of those events. The version shown here is the most recent from 2016.

ClientThe Greenlining InstituteTypeDesign, VideoToolsAdobe After Effects, Adobe PhotoshopYear2016

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