JONDO Network Dashboard

This is an internal management software for JONDO that allows the company to communicate across its own employees as well as with business customers. When I came onto the project, a few rough wireframes had been developed for just the main dashboard.

My role was to take these wireframes and turn them into high fidelity designs that were then passed onto development. In doing so, I developed all of the UI elements on which the site would be based and created enough screens to thoroughly capture the experience of the dashboard.


· Dashboard
· Styles
· Register & Sign In
· Messages
· People
· Calendar
· Documents
· Email

ClientJONDOTypeDesign, UI/UXToolsSketchYear2017


A card-based design was the obvious choice from the beginning as it allows for all sorts of information to be displayed in the cards.  These cards can then be re-arranged or scaled down for various display sizes as needed.


A lot of the styles were developed during the creation of the main dashboard interface.  Elements are influenced by JONDO’s website branding and styles.  Getting the UI element designs complete early in the process allowed faster design of individual screens later on.

Register & Sign In

The Dashboard cannot be accessed without first signing in.  Individuals are only able to sign up once invited to by a JONDO team member.  The extra fields on the sign up form help to accumulate information for the user’s profile that can be used later on.


A basic message system allows communication amongst users.  The idea during development was that the messages tool could be integrated with Slack for even more flexibility.


JONDO team members can easily track their history with both current business clients as well as prospective clients while business clients can use this interface to find the right points of contact with JONDO.  The eventual goal is to connect to Agile CRM for even more flexibility.


Multiple widgets and a wide array of options are available on the calendar page to allow for easy management of projects.


The inspiration behind Documents is Google Drive.  Users can store relevant documents here and tie them to events on the calendar or send to other users.

The JONDO Network Dashboard uses its own system for contract signing so an interface was designed for that as well.


Email templates were designed for any emails that need to be sent by the Dashboard.

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