JONDO Explainer Video

For this company explainer video for JONDO, I served as project manager from beginning to end.

To start, I pitched the idea to my CEO at JONDO and then found potential creative agencies to work with. From this list, we found an agency out of Chicago whose existing portfolio matched what we sought.

As project manager, I served as the point person between our CEO, Senior Vice President, and the creative agency. My role as the creative force on the JONDO side was to always make sure the agency well represented our brand and message. The agency would deliver assets for review at each step of the process. I would then review with my executives and then relay our edits back to the agency.

I began by sending over an illustrated figure that is often used as part of the JONDO branding. The creative agency took this figure and expanded upon the style, making careful use of the JONDO colors. Storyboards were delivered next, then audio recordings, then initial animations before finally arriving at a version of the animation with final narration and sound design that JONDO was happy with.

ClientJONDOTypeBranding, Design, VideoToolsProject ManagementYear2019

Concept & Style

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