JONDO Business Cards

As part of a consistent effort to maintain company branding and identity, I was tasked with re-designing business cards for JONDO. The aesthetic of the cards draw heavily from the 3 colors associated with JONDO. As a print fulfiller, it was important to represent JONDO as a creative brand, and that was the idea in pursuing a light card complemented by little bursts of color.

ClientJONDOTypeBranding, DesignToolsPhotoshop CCYear2016

Only versions of the front side were designed since company stakeholders wanted to maintain a similar layout to what previously existed.

This was the first of 3 distinct directions I took for the back side of the card.  The main idea of the back side was that there would be a place where the particular employee could state why they choose to be a part of the company.  In this version, I went for solid colors drawn from the JONDO palette to make a strong impact that adds contrast to the lighter front side.  Some exploration with font choices can be seen amongst the red cards.

This second batch of back side designs takes a more subdued approach in adding contrast.  Colors are still heavily used in these versions but not with the same weight as a fully colored back side.

This last set of designs for the back side again go with a full colored aesthetic but this time incorporates product imagery to better represent the company and its area of focus.