GoPro Photo Lab

I designed this high fidelity prototype for JONDO to use in discussions with GoPro about the idea of a photo products/gift website and possible accompanying mobile app that would be targeted toward existing GoPro customers. The designs for both closely borrow from the existing GoPro website and main mobile app in order to maintain a consistent brand aesthetic. This includes the header, footer, button styles, font styles, and layout styles. The idea was to always make the user feel as though they are still within the GoPro ecosystem even though they are in a completely separate website/app. To achieve a more convincing design, I shot and edited product photography using GoPro imagery for use in the screens.

The primary flow of the website prototype walks the user through the process of ordering a canvas product . This includes landing on the product information page, uploading a photo, editing their product, viewing the cart, and checking out. Because photo books follows a different workflow that JONDO wanted to visually show, there are screens for this as well. The main focus of this project was to design the the website prototype, which is why only a couple of screens exist for the mobile app. These screens were intended as just a teaser into what the mobile app could be.

View the website prototype here, or view a selection of screens below.
Note: Prototype is best viewed on a desktop browser.

ClientJONDO, GoProTypeDesign, Photo, UI/UXToolsSketch 3, Invision, Photoshop CC, Lightroom CCYear2016