Costco Pro Photo Lab

This is a high fidelity prototype I worked on for JONDO that was used in discussions with Costco. The idea was to create a functioning website prototype to illustrate to Costco how a “Pro Photo Lab” that linked out from the Costco Photo Center website would function. Careful consideration was given in this prototype to maintain Costco Photo Center’s branding and styles such as through the header, footer, color palette, and buttons.

The flow of the prototype walks the user through the process of ordering a canvas product. This includes landing on the product information page, uploading a photo, editing their product, viewing the cart, and checking out. Some additional screens include an Account page (where users can update branding assets) and a “My Photos” page.

View the prototype here, or view a selection of screens below.
Note: Prototype is best viewed on a desktop browser.

ClientJONDO, CostcoTypeDesign, UI/UXToolsSketch 3, InvisionYear2016